Apr 25, 2008

At least!, The first one!

At least!, The first one!

Wow, after many months ago, to the aim, this is gonna be my first post writing totally in English... i can't believe it, i was almost sure this is not going to happen in a shortly time.It's so difficult to write in just one post everything i have been writing for months. There are some many subjects that i cannot resume everything in one.
It could be great if you help me to know how is womens life out there...I'm not so sure...it should be the same in any part of the world, but our countries are totally different and by consequence our culture and our feelings are too.

Its really amazing how things can change just 'cause a line called "country border", how some things at one side can be wonderful, and the same things on the other side can be sad.
How one side women can be free(North America), can express theirselves, and how the other side can be limited and restricted(some countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and South America).

I'm asking for your help to express here, in this blog, ¿how is your life?, ¿how do you live?, ¿how do you feel?. I'm completelly sure we can be together, no matter what you do, your race, your country, at the end we are just... women.

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